Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, as one that wanted to experiment a little with 50nl, decided to try some shortstacking out. Buying in for the minimum and playing only premium hands preflop and looking to get my stack in most of the time. Was able to get in ~1200 hands or so and was quite pleased with the results. I don't think that I could continue with this for a long period of time, but who knows????

Overall, this month has not been that great. Between both computers, I think I am up about $200 overall. I think it was a mistake for not including my starting bankroll in my first post so going to put it in here for a benchmark. As I write, my bankroll on Tilt is $496.53. This will help me keep the overalls better since I play on multiple computers. I'm also not going to be posting each session as that just seems to be really boring.
After I finished my shortstacking session, played some 25nl and had some pretty descent results. Had a good run of cards and had my opponents with strong 2nd best hands. Example of this was me raising KQo first in and the sb called. Flop comes QKQ. I bet out, he smooth called. Turn was a T putting straights, flushdraws and all kinds of scary stuff out there to let catch up so I decided to check. River was a blank and SB led out and I pushed. He called with AJ :) Stackage!
I then was able to get a set of 4's all in vs AA and K8 on a K48 flop and I held for a nice 4 buyin pot. Anyhow, on to the next session.

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