Friday, February 20, 2009

Steadily moving

Well, it's been a couple weeks since the last update and the incredible run has sort of normalized. I was able to move up to 50nl when counting the rakeback I am earning and continued on a great run then the walls collapsed. I think I got overconfident and started pushing a bit too hard. I've been bouncing on the border of 25 and 50nl for the last week and feel my play has greatly improved overall. 25nl has been going wonderful and after ~15k hands, I'm running at 8.26 ptbb/100 with a total of 24 buyins up so far this month. I have close to 7k hands at 50nl and I'm down a little over 2 buyins there due to some stupid play and some suckouts. I'm very pleased to have the bankroll back up to the $1k mark so quickly when I started with ~$300 at the beginning of the month.


Tilt: $947.11
Stars: $79.28

Total: $1026.39
Rakeback tally: ~$180

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Run good?

Well, I thought that my 6 buyin run "can't get better than that" comment was really true, but fortunately, it is false because it did get better. I'm on probably the biggest heater I have ever been on and just wish it had happened at 100nl but just overall greatful to have had it happen. I posted the other day about the great run so far this month and being up 6 buyins over ~1k hands. Well, I now have ~4k hands in and I'm up almost 20 buyins! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Everything is just hitting properly and hands are holding a bit better than normal. Great example is me with TT vs T7 on a 7 high flop where he shoved (total fish, insta call). I'm in great shape until the turn when a 7 hits. Of course, being the awesomest most fantabulistic player that exists, I hit my 1 outer T on the river and scoop another one. I then get AA in bb after lots of action pf and actually flat after utg raises, utg+1 reraises, button 4 bets to give the others a chance to shove. UTG folds, utg+1 shoves, button reshoves :) They both have KK and are drawing to a flush where I have 2 of them covered or a split pot and I stack both for a 3.5 buyin pot. I have to post it because it feels really good to actually post good stuff from time to time. Here is the graph for the month so far:


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Start of a new Month

As February rolls around, I needed to get a post up here for my own sake of accountability. The DON's on Stars took a horrendous turn and I ended up dropping back to around a $40 bankroll on stars. I decided to play some 180 sng's after dropping down to around $20 and ended up taking a 3rd place in one to boost me back up to $90ish. Also been grinding back from a downswing on Tilt. I was down around a $225 total bankroll at the lowest and I'm slowly grinding back. I'll be looking forward to my rakeback on Tilt come another week or so as it will be a big boost. I decided to play some 25nl tonight as I am basically counting my rakeback right now and had a wonderful session. Finished up 6 buyins over a 1k hand session. Can't beat that :)

So as we move forward this month, this is our base after today's session:

Tilt: $367.50
Stars: $90.28

Total: $457.78

Probably looking at around $350 in rakeback this month so that will put me safely playing 25nl again.