Friday, October 31, 2008

Closing out the month

Well here we are at the end of another month. Was a brutal blow to me emotionally and took a big toll on my overall bankroll. I'm slowly rebuilding but I am getting very frustrated with the back and forth from 20 to 50 back to 20 and rebuild. I really wish I had time to play trny's consistently as I really do feel that my EV is better there currently. I put in almost 24k hands at Cake this month and my bankroll sits about half where it was at the beginning of the month. Have a fair amount of rakeback coming, but I want to start using that to INCREASE my bankroll and not replenish it! I also have a small investment in a friend that will be playing 5 or 6 FTOPS events coming up soon so I hope to see a small bump from that (hell a big bump). I own 2% of his overall action. Will update that as they go along. Haven't played yet today as I have been preparing my quarterly tax forms this morning and paying bills but that is all finished now. Oh, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Cake: $569.30
Tilt: $199.72
Stars: $19.13
Total: $788.15
Current Rakeback accrual at cake: $258.34

Here's to a good day today!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm not dead...just hiding :)

Been a few rough weeks on the tables and I decided to take a bit of a break from playing a lot of poker. Just been playing a little here and there. I also really haven't been participating in the forums much as of late. Not really sure if this is a complete burnout or just a needed setback. Whatever it is, I'm feeling good and starting to play a little again. I've been playing some $10nl on FT with some massive multitabling going on as an experiment. I tried doing this at cake where I think there are more fish, but the new software just keeps crashing on me. I played just over 3k hands on Friday and was able to take down about 4.5 buyins for almost 8ptbb/100. Played another 1k hands of 20nl on cake tonight at over 9ptbb/100 but did this playing no more than 4 tables. I'd really like to get this to where I can play 50nl for some side income and allow me to quit my second job. We'll see where that goes as I certainly don't count on being able to do so any time soon. I would also want to have a massive bankroll for it.

Cake: $408.29
Tilt: $247.86
Stars: $19.13

Total: $675.28

Rakeback accrued: $239.04

Thursday, October 16, 2008

And down we go again....

Well, the inevitable 50nl curse has hit once again and I was sent spiraling down to 20nl yesterday. I put in a lot of hands and had some severe suckouts and I think a lot of bad play to be quite honest. I need to slow down and think more carefully about what can be happening. I dropped almost 7 buyins yesterday which is a big chunk of my bankroll and that followed a losing day the day before. I've dropped about half of my bankroll in the past couple days and I'm going to not try and "fight through it" and humble myself and settle back in at 20 for a while and rebuild not only my bankroll but my confidence. It's amazing how hard it is going to be to recover from this as 7 buyins at the higher level is 16 at 20nl. I may even grind away at some sng's on stars for a bit to change the pace a little.

Cake: 394.29
Tilt: 236.66
Stars: 54.38

Total: 685.33
Accumulated Rakeback: 196.82

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Been a little while since my last update as I haven't really been playing all that much. I've been getting ready for my half marathon and completed that this past Saturday. Was a wonderful feeling when I crossed that finish line. I'm already looking forward to my next run which will be a 10k in November. Now, on to poker.

I've noticed that there are a lot of regulars during the day at Cake and not too many fish but I've still been doing ok. I've ground through about 9k hands so far this month and have about $100 in rakeback so far. I'm up overall as well which is a very good feeling as each time I've attempted to move through 50nl i've been sent crying back to 20nl in pretty quick fashion.

Current bankrolls:

Cake: $1168.57
Tilt: $231.49
Stars: $34.58

Total: $1434.64

Rakeback: $119.01 and counting

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Down and up day

Finishing up now and figured since I broke through the milestone again, I had to post it. Started the day off really poorly going down 2.5 buyins rather quickly when my Kings < JJ and my Kings then lost to AQs on a Q high flop and flushdraw. Not too much I can do about it but suck it up and keep on grinding. I was able to get that back and was able to finish up a little over 4 buyins over ~1200 hands. I also just finished playing a $5r trny on cake where I was sitting fairly descent coming to the end of the 2nd hr and my QQ got ran down by AQ aipf. Oh well, move on.

cake: $937.70
Tilt: $231.49
Stars: $29.21

Total: $1198.40

Here's hoping tomorrow goes well also.

September is done!

Well, I had a fairly successful recovery in September. With my rakeback from cake (still don't know how much for Tilt) my overall bankroll sits as follows:

Cake: $738.40
Tilt: $231.49
Stars: $29.21

Total Bankroll: $991.10

I put in just over 20k hands at Cake in September, which was actually more than I had anticipated. Much of that was at 20nl and I'm hoping that I can stay at 50nl this full month. Having the 33% rakeback really helps that out.

I'm also starting to follow a few other poker blogs to help in my education. I believe that my overall play has gotten better, but my overall results are still fairly stagnant in terms of my earnrate. I'll be sticking to 50nl until I feel quite confident that I can comfortably beat it. I still have a few large leaks that need plugging. My largest by far ( I think) is cbetting too much and not taking into consideration the range of my opponents on certain boards and not getting folds on the flop like I think I can. That will be my main focus this month and hope that I can improve that part of my game.

Here's to a good month of October!