Thursday, October 16, 2008

And down we go again....

Well, the inevitable 50nl curse has hit once again and I was sent spiraling down to 20nl yesterday. I put in a lot of hands and had some severe suckouts and I think a lot of bad play to be quite honest. I need to slow down and think more carefully about what can be happening. I dropped almost 7 buyins yesterday which is a big chunk of my bankroll and that followed a losing day the day before. I've dropped about half of my bankroll in the past couple days and I'm going to not try and "fight through it" and humble myself and settle back in at 20 for a while and rebuild not only my bankroll but my confidence. It's amazing how hard it is going to be to recover from this as 7 buyins at the higher level is 16 at 20nl. I may even grind away at some sng's on stars for a bit to change the pace a little.

Cake: 394.29
Tilt: 236.66
Stars: 54.38

Total: 685.33
Accumulated Rakeback: 196.82

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