Thursday, May 29, 2008

A little bit late, but here none the less. Been a fairly descent week and I've been bumping up on the 50NL again. I had a good run at 25nl and decided to take a small shot at 100nl. On the very first hand, I had A3o in the bb. The SB limped and I bumped it up to $4. He called. Flop comes 245r! Gin flop for me. He bets out $6 and I feel there is no way he has 37, so I bump it up to $17 and he instacalls. Hmmm, what does he have..... Turn comes a 6 and he instashoves $68. I call for him to show me 77 for an oesd and overpair. River was a blank and I pull down my biggest NL pot to date of $182.

Also starting on a new 180 quest now that Stars has the $10/180's back. I've got all my shares locked up, just not sure who is getting how many yet. Should get started on that today.

Bankroll to date: $938.47

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a wacky game this can be in the short term. I was able to cross over the $1k mark in the past week but ultimate went on a nasty run at 50nl again to drop back down to $25nl. I did, however, manage to mark a milestone. I was playing 25nl at stars when I was able to build up a ~$275 stack :) Pretty amazing site and received lots of comments every time someone sat down. Worked up about 5k fpp's last week, so not too much further to go on the docking station. One thing that I noticed is that I don't think it is the one I actually want. Bose makes 2 different docking stations and one of them is portable. That is the one that i want and I think that the one they have is a stationary one that needs to be plugged in :( Well, that pretty much wraps up the interesting stuff for the past week.

Bankroll: $851.96

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well, time for my weekly update. I've gone ahead and moved $250 over to pokerstars this week to finish off my FPP's that I need for the speaker system. I had around 11k points there and need ~20k total for it, and I've added on about 1300 or so in the last 2 days. Shouldn't take too long for that. I've also been fairing pretty well on the tables too. My rakeback did hit on Tilt for ~$250 which is a big help. I've also settled back down into $25NL and since then it appears that my agression has increased quite a bit due to the smaller pots compared to 50nl and I think I was just not used to playing pots of that size. Current bankroll now sits at $899.66. Here's hoping we can get to $1k soon and comfortably move up to $50NL.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well, so far the month of May has continued to be a rollercoaster. I'm up almost 2 buyins so far, but that is after running Kings into Aces 4 times yesterday, so overall I'm happy with where I am. Something else came to mind to me while reviewing stuff in pokertracker. A 5ptBB/100 winrate is only $2.50 per 100 hands. Not sure why I am thinking that that is not acceptable while Im playing, but it sure is possible. One full stackage gives enough for 1k hands! Really helps me to be a bit more patient overall. Currently sitting at $393.33. Hoping that my rakeback will hit soon. I'm also considering moving some money over to Stars and building up some points there to get my bose portable speaker system for my ipod. Should be able to rack up enough points there pretty quickly to finish that off.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

April in full

Well, the month of April has now past and I need to get this in so here it goes. The overall month was basically breakeven for me. I had a horrible 10 buyin downswing where I lost 7 of 8 flopped sets and that led to a little bit of tilt and some bad calls. I'm happy that I was able to turn it around and at least get back to even. I should pull in about $230 in rakeback this month so that is a big positive and picks up almost 10 buyins. My current bankroll at Tilt stands at $359.23 as we start off the month of May. I've been playing from a couple different computers so I'm going to post up the overall monthly stats for each of them from now on. It's too difficult to try and combine into one.

I've also been spending a lot more time watching vids at CR. I've come to really like the Brystmar vids and have stumbled upon a couple leakfinder vids where people have uploaded their vids to have some of the pro's review their play and point out mistakes and strong points in their game. I wish there were more of those as it really articulates what needs to be fixed in one's game. I'm also beginning to watch Fruitypro's vids, but I have to admit I am having a difficult time with the thick accent, but I think there is a lot of good stuff to learn here. I'm really hoping to get my stats up to around 5ptBB/100 at 25NL for the month of May and think that it is very possible to improve even beyond that. Possibly up to 10ptBB for this level from what people are telling me. I'm also scaling back to no more than 4 tables until I can feel confident in my game.
Here's to a good month of May!
Oh yea, today I celebrate my 16th anniversary to the best woman in the world. Happy anniversary sweetie!