Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well, time for my weekly update. I've gone ahead and moved $250 over to pokerstars this week to finish off my FPP's that I need for the speaker system. I had around 11k points there and need ~20k total for it, and I've added on about 1300 or so in the last 2 days. Shouldn't take too long for that. I've also been fairing pretty well on the tables too. My rakeback did hit on Tilt for ~$250 which is a big help. I've also settled back down into $25NL and since then it appears that my agression has increased quite a bit due to the smaller pots compared to 50nl and I think I was just not used to playing pots of that size. Current bankroll now sits at $899.66. Here's hoping we can get to $1k soon and comfortably move up to $50NL.

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