Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a wacky game this can be in the short term. I was able to cross over the $1k mark in the past week but ultimate went on a nasty run at 50nl again to drop back down to $25nl. I did, however, manage to mark a milestone. I was playing 25nl at stars when I was able to build up a ~$275 stack :) Pretty amazing site and received lots of comments every time someone sat down. Worked up about 5k fpp's last week, so not too much further to go on the docking station. One thing that I noticed is that I don't think it is the one I actually want. Bose makes 2 different docking stations and one of them is portable. That is the one that i want and I think that the one they have is a stationary one that needs to be plugged in :( Well, that pretty much wraps up the interesting stuff for the past week.

Bankroll: $851.96

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