Monday, September 14, 2009

Rough weekend

After a few good days, I moved up to 200nl for a bit on Friday and came crashing down with some bad beats and some bad play as well. Spent the weekend trying to recover but was unsuccessful overall. Got a lot of work to do this week now, which is good for my mindset. I'm needing to cash out a bit more this week for my wife's trip to NYC but unsure how much I'm willing to take at this point. Will depend on overall play. Off to the races!

FT: $2718.36
Stars: $433.17

Total: $3,151.53

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another up day???

What is this world coming to!

I haven't been getting the volume of hands in that I would like to overall but it's ok. I need to keep the mind straight first and foremost. When I grind to just grind, I don't play well and it costs me. Played just under 1k hands today for a +$361 so a great day (helps to suck out a couple times too)

FT: $3,501.39
Stars: $433.17

Total: $3,934.56

Will he crack $4k tomorrow???? Who knows! Tune back in to find out!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Feel Dirty....but I don't care :)

After booking the decent win yesterday, I was following Yankees in his trny last night and ended up dropping it all back and finished out the day ~even. I was helping out a friend that wanted me to review a couple sessions for him this morning so I wasn't able to start up any tables until about 12:30 this afternoon. My very first hand of the day was one that made me want to just shut the tables down and go home with my tail between my legs. Here's the hand:

Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $1.00 BB (5 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from

SB ($100)

Hero (BB) ($100)

UTG ($100)

MP ($102.85)

Button ($183.75)

Preflop: Hero is BB with 10, 10

2 folds, Button bets $3, 1 fold, Hero calls $2

Flop: ($6.50) 7, 10, Q (2 players)

Hero checks, Button bets $4, Hero raises to $15, Button raises to $43, Hero raises to $97 (All-In), Button calls $54

Turn: ($200.50) K (2 players, 1 all-in)

River: ($200.50) 7 (2 players, 1 all-in)

Total pot: $200.50 Rake: $3


Button had 7, 7 (four of a kind, sevens).

Hero had 10, 10 (full house, tens over sevens).

Outcome: Button won $197.50

After that hand, I was just sitting there shaking my head. I couldn't really feel bad as I played the hand perfectly and got super unlucky. I went on to play through a good session and pick up 2.2bi overall. Then later on, I was sitting and watching some 1k nl and a friend said to me...

"You are due to do something stupid, jump in!" Told him he was FOS and did think about playing higher than my normal stakes. I ended up shortstacking ( I know, I know) 400nl and was amazed at how poorly people adjusted to me. I managed to take $660 out of that (buying in for $80) and made 2 bad calls the whole time I played which cost me another $140 or so. Anyhow, today ended up being a great day and +$889.45

Until tomorrow....or whenver I update this again.

FT: $3,139.94
Stars: $433.17

Total: $3,573.11

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cashout complete

After a long day of playing, I managed to scrape out $270 in winnings after being down almost $500 about 1k hands into the session. Was quite nice to finish out on top. Processed my weekly cashout at the end of the session and leave myself with the following:

FT: $2,534.04
Stars: $433.17

Total: $2,967.21

Yankees is playing the $1k NLHE WCOOP tonight so hope to have some great news from that as well. Stay tuned...same MX time...same MX channel!

Holiday Weekend takes it's toll

Well, the holiday has now passed and it has put a bit of a damper on my play. I haven't gotten in the hands the past week that I normally would and this is causing my rakeback to drop fairly significantly so I'll have to really cram the rest of the week. Friday's rakeback is going to be in the neighborhood of $130 so I need to get an extra buyin this week to put me over my $500 mark. Still doable, but puts a bit more pressure on me. I was able to play a tiny bit over the weekend and pick up 1 buyin and a tiny bit playing 25nl on Stars. Here's to a good week!

FT: $2,763.79
Stars: $433.17

Total: $3,196.96

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Let's go Terps!

That's right everyone, College football is back! I had a special request for a bit of a twist on the journey and wanted to comply. I'll be spending the evening drinking and partying with some friends and then watching some of the game tonight. It doesn't start till 10pm since it's playing in California. They are a fairly large underdog but hope to overcome that.

Now, onto Poker. I had an opportunity to back Yankees31 again. He is the guy that I backed in the wsop which gave quite a nice return. He is playing a bunch of events in the WCOOP for total buyin of $10,700 so I have 1% again. First trny is tomorrow. He played in an event on Thursday which was a $215 buyin 6max event. ~8500 people and he finished ~350 for a $700 cash or so. Unfortunatley, I didn't have a piece of that one.

Rakeback hit yesterday for a total of $209 and play this week has been pretty good (once Monday is taken out :) ) Tuesday was a +5 bi, Wed -4bi, Thurs +2 and yesterday +3.5 so total of +6.5 since my cashout.

FT: $2657.14
Stars: $414.22

Total: $3,071.36

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


After starting the day out with a $500 cashout, I left myself with $2307.93 as a bankroll. I made a promise to myself that this will be a weekly thing and look at it as I have to play xxx to win my cashout back. With ~200 coming Friday in rakeback, I know I need to earn 3 buyins to get back to my starting point. I was able to grind through a couple thousand hands yesterday and things finally got back to a winning day. After two weeks of struggling, it was really nice to see an uptick in my graph. I found myself being very focused in my play which was very comforting. I was able to pick my bankroll from $1786.71 on FT to $2344.81 so about 5.5 buyins. Also helped stacking AQs 180bb deep with AA on A242x board when it was 4bet pre, then checked to the river where he pot bet it and I shoved and he called. Also had a couple of quite laggy guys that I had position on and 3bet them mercilessly and when called (rarely) they would play fit/fold poker so I was able to take a lot of pots on the flop with a cbet. Today is my long day so I should be able to get a lot of hands in and hopefully push that bankroll up some more.

FT: $2344.81
Stars: $521.22

Total: $2866.03

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Already??

My how time flies. It seems like I was just posting about the August new month and here we are again looking into September. The month was a relative success in terms of cashouts but play was not great. Thank goodness for rakeback! The month started off fabulous and then went downhill from there. I was getting sucked out on quite a bit and played poorly as well leading to a loss of much of the profit I started the month with. Goals for this month and moving forward is to cashout $500 per week. This should easily be doable with the rakeback as it only needs 3 buyins per week to accomplish this as I'm averaging close to $200 per week in rakeback. So, off we go!

FT: $2,286.71
Stars: $521.22

Total: $2,807.93