Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well, after a bit of craziness, I've settled down a bit but not after taking a pretty severe hit on the bankroll. I went on a bad run at 100nl, then continued my downward spiral at 50nl then decided to just massively play 25nl and started off well for my first 10k hands but then went on a massive downswing dropping roughly 16 buyins at 25nl and tilted and decided to play some 5/10 limit and continued to throw my money away. I luckily was able to get my head straight and turn my pc off to keep myself from going broke. I'm going to take a bit of a break from my normal game and just go do something for total fun. I got an email the other day from AP claiming that I had $1.40 in an old account. I'm going to try and grind this up a little bit and see how far I can progress. I'll be moving up quickly as I grow but I stand to go bust by a large %. Away we go!

Current bankroll for Stars and Tilt: $426.23

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Forward?

Spring may have sprung forward, but I fell backwards over the weekend. I seem to keep running into the proverbial calling stations and not hitting anything and trying to push too hard and they don't fold. That seemed to be the mantra for the last couple of nights and i ended up dropping a few buyins overall and I am now in need of dropping back to 50nl. I don't hesitate in dropping back, but I am feeling a bit frustrated to not be able to make the complete jump to 100nl and stay there. Oh well. So onward and upward from here.

FT: $1185.05
Stars: $245.58

Total: $1430.90

Friday, March 6, 2009

Couple new things

Well, as you can see, I have listed a new video for review. The nice thing about this is that you can now stream the video instead of waiting an hour to download from megaupload. I'm hoping that this will make it a lot easier and pleasing to those of you following along. Secondly, I have been following someone that is doing a prop bet on 2+2 that is doing an amazing amount of sng's to the tune of about 600 per day. This pushed me to play some of the $6 18 man turbos on stars and I have had a fair bit of success there. I've also been dabbling at 100nl some although I have been a bit underrolled for it. I'm also happy to say that my rakeback has already hit for this month and it was a bit more than I had anticipated which is always nice. So, here is where we stand:

Full Tilt: $1669.50
Stars: $289.08

Total: $1958.58

So not too shabby after being down to around $300 at the beginning of Feb :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good Day

I'm likely jinxing myself now by posting this, but I have to put out a rave. I had my most profitable day playing NL cash yesterday as well as my biggest pot won to date. Although not using the best bankroll management, I decided to play some 100nl throughout the day and night and finished up almost $500 overall for the day. Had some great draws that hit playing suited connectors and one gappers cheaply preflop and then was able to stack my opponents with them. This was even after having KK run into AA and AKs on the button run into KK in BB.

Tilt: $1446.10 ~$225 in rakeback coming
Stars: $135.88

Total: $1581.98

Here is the wonderful pot. Villain was super super hyper aggro so the call was an insta-call :)

$0.5/$1 No Limit Holdem
6 players
Converted at

UTG rivichico ($314.90)
UTG+1 boogenfunk ($65.05)
CO TheKwangsta ($132.80)
BTN eastern motors ($100.00)
SB Hero ($219.85)
BB temple7 ($100.00)

Pre-flop: ($1.50, 6 players) Hero is SB

2 folds, TheKwangsta raises to $3.50, eastern motors calls $3.50, Hero raises to $17, 1 fold, TheKwangsta goes all-in $132.80, eastern motors folds, Hero calls $115.80

Flop: ($270.10, 2 players)

Turn: ($270.10, 2 players)

River: ($270.10, 2 players)

Final Pot: $270.10
TheKwangsta shows:
Hero shows:

Hero wins $267.10 ( won +$134.30 )
TheKwangsta lost -$132.80
eastern motors lost -$3.50

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beginning of a new month

Ok, February is now in the books and it was a descent month overall since I had pretty much crushed my bankroll from the cashout that I did. I started the month of February with a $307 bankroll and I begin March with $1030.64 before getting my rakeback. I really could use some of the funds but I'm going to try and not cashout right now. I'm looking at roughly $225 in rakeback which should hit around the 11th of March. I'm hoping to move through 50nl this month and get up to 100nl by the end of the month (wishful thinking) to really start to drive some monthly income from this.

Here are my totals for the month of February......