Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lotta hands today

Well, now that the bar job is gone, I'll be spending a lot more time playing in my office. Was able to grind out over 4k hands today with a great winrate. This week has been a bit frustrating overall and today really helped my sanity. Finished up today just under 12 buyins! So here are our totals:

FT: $4267.56
Stars: $792.53

Total: $5,060.09

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day off today

Taking today to go to the concert and looking forward to spending some time with my wife and some friends partying. I was able to get off work early last night and get a few hands in and ran had a great run of cards and had them against uber fish. Finished up a few buyins which was nice. I have to bartend Sunday morning so I'm likely not going to be able to play until Monday. Have a great weekend!

FT: $3094.65
Stars: $792.53
Rakeback: $217.26

Total: $4,104.44

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The ol Cashout Curse...

Well, it's been a couple of days since my last update and primarily because I didn't want to post. This week has been pretty rough overall and the last 1.5 days I'm running about 6 buyins below ev. Just trying to grind through it at this point. Im heading up to Hershey Park tomorrow for a Dave Matthews concert so looking forward to a bit of a break from everything. Rakeback coming tomorrow should be ~$225 or so. Now to the numbers:

FT: $2837.45
Stars: $792.53

Total: $3629.98

Back to the grind!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cashed some out

Well, the time had finally come for me to take a bit of a withdrawal. I put in my 2 weeks notice at my second job and wanted to pay off my wifes van so I took out $1500 to do so. My wife was a bit worried about the loss of the extra income and wanted this burden off my back. A good use for the winnings IMO. After next Monday, I'll be spending more time in my office trying to grow my agency and also allowing me to get in a bit more hands as well which will bump up the rakeback as well as my winnings (hopefully). Friday was a grind day. Played a little over 2k hands for a net loss of about $85 so we start today with:

FT: $3,279.55
Stars: $792.53

Total: $4,072.08

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mid-Month overall update

Well, I have to say things are going pretty well overall pokerwise. I wanted to get a good account of my stats/winnings/graphs so I exported my hands to my main pc this morning. As I had said in my June report, I wasn't sure why all of my hands were not importing and while loading this morning, I think I figured it out. With HEM, I was choosing my general report and choosing all hands and then exporting all hands to hard drive to zip and email. I just realized that this was only copying the limit that was highlighted (unknowingly) and just sent the hands for that. I'll be reimporting on Monday with an updated June graph. I'm missing about 3500 hands for this month right now but still want to post this up. My positional stats still need some working on and I am once again playing 200nl and hoping to stay there for quite some time. I'm not the type of person that has a desire to climb up too high quite honestly as it will just place too much stress on me overall. I've accumulated $791.57 in rakeback/bonus money so far this month with 2 weeks to go still so very happy with that as well. I also put out 2 stakes this month, one for $100 on TP with a partial loss and one for $100 in yankees31 for the WSOP which the stake has been deducted but still in the works on getting the funds back (not a complaint, just a fact). Overall bankroll now sits at $5,655.78.




Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid-Day update

Well, I don't normally do this in the middle of the day, but had to post up a new milestone. I've been mixing in some 200nl the last day along with 100nl and I am happy to say that I have eclipsed the $5k bankroll!

back later

Ok, finished playing for the day. Pretty wild ride overall but finished the day up 1.75 buyins at 200nl and 2.25 at 100nl giving today an overall gain of $584.20. Pretty good day. Had quite a few AK vs AK as well so the site made out well on me from that aspect. Until next time.

FT: $4233.23
Stars: $792.53

Total: $5,025.76

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to the grind

Now that the excitement is over for the WSOP, it's time to get back to the tables. I'm sitting pretty well from a bankroll perspective and as I said, I'm going to be sticking w/ 100nl for a while. I just put in my 2 weeks notice for my bartending job and the time that I was spending there will be refocussed back into my office which also allows some more hands of poker. It will be a week or so before we find out how the $$$ from the ME will be distributed but it will be in the range of $640 (not sure about taxes yet). If we just say an even $500 for that, it gives me a bankroll to start taking more shots at 200nl, but need the buffer for now. I've got $200 coming this week in rakeback as well. I'm close to pulling some cash out since I have ditched the other job and basically pay myself in advance of the upcoming month. Still unsure there.

FT: $3813.63
Stars: $792.53
Current Total: $4606.16

WSOP: ~$500 (factoring for taxes)
Rakeback: $200 (Friday)

Total: ~$5300

Yankees finishes 76/6494

Yanks finishes the tournament 76th for just under $70k! He played the last 2 days as a fairly short stack and was sitting on approx 20bb when a late position player opened the pot and he 3bet shoved his 850k stack with AJo. Unfortunately, the chip leader was in the BB and woke up with QQ and no A for hero and he is sent to the rail. My $100 stake is going to get me approx $640 so not too shabby on that return :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yankees on to day 6!

Although a bit shortstacked at 413k, Brent Catalano has moved on another day. We are down to 185 players left with avg stack at ~1m. They only played 3 levels today due to faster bustouts than anticipated. They will play down to 99 players today and we will be looking for an early double from yanks. He is guaranteed at least $36k right now and the next jump is at 162 for $40k. It's shorstack Ninja time!

On a seperate note, I was able to get in a few hands while my wife was on the treadmill yesterday and was able to pick up a couple quick buyins with a good streak of cards and a crazy player :)

FT: $4,037.98
Stars: $792.53

Total: $4,830.51

$100 stake in Yankees- Current value: $329

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yankees on to day 5!

This feels kind of weird to update the blog without having hands in....but wanted to post about my horse in the WSOP. He went into day 4 with double the average stack and made the first bustout of the day with quad Jacks and also won beef jerkey for life apparently for doing so. The bubble lasted for almost 2 hours and they played 12 hands hand for hand. He lost 100k with AA vs QJ at one point which was about the minimum he could lose there so happy with that. He goes into day 5 with 477k chips with avg right around 490k. He has a minimum cash right now of $27k which puts my $100 up to about $250 once he takes his cut (10%). Play resumes today at 3pm EST. I also found out that LOLTrickedU is also playing and has made day 5 as well. Go get em guys!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wrapping the day UP!

Good day on the tables today running a bit over EV which is nice to have for once. Was able to get in 2229 hands playing anywhere from 3-6 tables. Peaked at a little over +9 buyins and started getting tired and not playing well to finish up at +7.5 buyins today. Also got my rakeback for $177.88 pushing me well above the $4k mark and I think I am at a new high mark. I'm likely going to continue playing 100nl for a while longer and just try and grind up to at least $5k before moving up to 200nl again. That last stint stung me a bit and I'm a bit gunshy from it.

FT: $3,828.78
Stars: $792.53

Total: $4,621.30

Up and Down kind of day

While my daytime play seems to be going pretty well overall, my nightime play still struggles. I'm having the same difficulty adjusting to loose passive players that just call call call with anything and unsure when to valuebet and when to just fold. Overall, yesterday went ok and finished up about 1.5 buyins overall but was up over 6 at one point and last night just stuck me. Rakeback should be hitting sometime today so that will add about $175 to the bottom line as well. Time to get some hands in!

FT: $2904.35
Stars: $792.53

Total: $3696.88

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 day update

Well, yesterday was quite an interesting day on the tables. I got in a lot of hands (3k) and consider it a success finishing down $8 total. I say this is a successful day because at about the halfway point, I was down 7 buyins (didn't I have a 3 buyin stop loss???) where I was running about 4 buyins below EV and was able to claw back to almost even.

Today I got an unexpected $175 bonus from Tilt that I had no idea I was getting for their mid year Iron Man bonus. I had some internet issues today and was not able to log into FT but was able to get into Stars and ground out almost 3 buyins and then proceeded to lose them on FT when my AK < AQ AIPF and my AK < QQ AIPF and then I tilted off the rest so I'm stopping for the day. TTYL!

FT: $2758.50
Stars: $792.53

Total: $3551.03

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good day yesterday

Yesterday was a good day from a couple different aspects. Yankees played his first day in the WSOP and made it through to day to with ~50k chips(started with 30k) as well as 3-4 other players from ITH. My play ended with me being up about 7.5 buyins which is a nice jump in the bankroll. I really didn't play anything too speculatively and really just waited for others to give me their chips.

Stars: $500.58
Tilt: $2947.45

Total: $3448.03

Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm playing the Main Event of the WSOP!!!!!

Well, sort of :) Yankees31 from ITH has opened up some stakes in the ME so I've put up 1% for a 0.9% return so he is getting a premium but he is super +EV player so I am fine with that.

On a playing note, I was able to get in a few more hands last night after work while winding down and was able to add another ~$50 so things seem to be going well still. Hoping to grind out 2k hands today and add my stake back into my bankroll. Off to the races!

Tilt: $2085.28
Stars: $500.58

Total: $2585.86

Thursday, July 2, 2009


After the horrid shot at 200nl, I moved back down to 100nl and dropped a buyin or 2 there so I decided to step back a little more to gain my confidence a bit and play some 50nl today. I also think I'm going to adapt a bit more of a conservative BR strategy and go with a 30/25 instead of a 20/15 (which I can never stick with). 2 bad plays at the very end of the day cost me 2 buyins but it was still a very good day finishing up 7. Total bankroll stand as follows:

FT: $2027.98
Stars: $600.58

Total: $2628.56

I'm also looking at adding ~$200 in rakeback tomorrow so that almost puts me up to 30 buyins at 100nl. We'll see how things go tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A new month

As we enter July, I want to post some goals for the month. I want to get in at least 35k hands this month and move back up to 200nl but I'm also going to stay a bit conservative on the bankroll before moving up to there. I want to have at least 25 buyins before making the leap. So I'm looking at doubling my current bankroll before taking that next step again. I'm also going to input a 4 buyin stop loss for any session to make sure that I'm not tilting subconsciously and to keep my game focussed.

Away we go!

FT: $1790.18
Stars: $600.58

Total: $2390.76