Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 day update

Well, yesterday was quite an interesting day on the tables. I got in a lot of hands (3k) and consider it a success finishing down $8 total. I say this is a successful day because at about the halfway point, I was down 7 buyins (didn't I have a 3 buyin stop loss???) where I was running about 4 buyins below EV and was able to claw back to almost even.

Today I got an unexpected $175 bonus from Tilt that I had no idea I was getting for their mid year Iron Man bonus. I had some internet issues today and was not able to log into FT but was able to get into Stars and ground out almost 3 buyins and then proceeded to lose them on FT when my AK < AQ AIPF and my AK < QQ AIPF and then I tilted off the rest so I'm stopping for the day. TTYL!

FT: $2758.50
Stars: $792.53

Total: $3551.03

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