Monday, July 13, 2009

Yankees on to day 6!

Although a bit shortstacked at 413k, Brent Catalano has moved on another day. We are down to 185 players left with avg stack at ~1m. They only played 3 levels today due to faster bustouts than anticipated. They will play down to 99 players today and we will be looking for an early double from yanks. He is guaranteed at least $36k right now and the next jump is at 162 for $40k. It's shorstack Ninja time!

On a seperate note, I was able to get in a few hands while my wife was on the treadmill yesterday and was able to pick up a couple quick buyins with a good streak of cards and a crazy player :)

FT: $4,037.98
Stars: $792.53

Total: $4,830.51

$100 stake in Yankees- Current value: $329

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