Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sigh once again

Well, Tuesday night and Wednesday went about as bad as possible. Dropped a total of about 8 buyins, 4 at 50nl and 4 at 25nl bringing me down roughly $300 or so, maybe a little more. Took 4 days away while camping and when I came home drummed up 3 buyins back at 25nl but then it seemed to go away today. I decided, with the encouragement of my coworker, to play some $11 45man turbo sng's to break out of the monotony for a little. Played 6 of them for a $66 total investment and had 2 5th place finishes for a total of $88 won giving myself a 33% roi. Not too shabby for some quick fun. I think there is actually some money to be made there as there is a descent prize pool, the players are horrible and have little clue on how to adjust for the increasing blinds and use ICM properly. I may have to look at doing a stretch of these here shortly and get a better idea on my overall roi. They only last about an hour from start to finish and they start continuously.

Current bankroll: $315.69 at Tilt and $460.10 at Stars after receiving $130ish in rakeback on tilt. Total at $775.79. Now, onto my next session :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

soooo close, I can taste it

Trying to just play correctly and I am oh so close to hitting that 1k mark. I've been playing a mix of 25nl and 50nl. I had actually crossed over the thresh0ld but gave some back. Rakeback should hit in a few days and that should be around $150 or so. I've had some horrid hands however where I called a raise with a small PP and hit my set on the turn only to have the original raiser flop a bigger set, had my Aces cracked twice for full stacks each time, but I'm still up overall. I'll be going camping on Thursday so there won't be any activity at all for 4 days.

Current bankroll: $959.88

Monday, August 4, 2008

A good weekend

Well, so far so good this month. Since my last post, I've logged about 3200 hands and I'm up almost 6 full buyins and really just playing very straight forward and believing my opponents (for the most part) when they tell me I'm behind. Trikkurs latest video has really clicked in my head and I think my biggest leak was paying off my opponents way too often. Here's hoping I can keep this pace up, but I'm not expecting it. I know others boast of 10ptbb/100 but I'm trying to keep my "hopes" conservative.

Bankroll now at $876.73 with rakeback due to hit this week sometime. Hope to pop that $1k mark again soon.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Long time comin....

Been on a bit of a roller coaster for the last month and a half or so. I finalized my string of 180man sng's and finished with a nice profit for myeslf and my backers. Original bankroll started at $550 and ending bankroll at $1195.20. I made a donation of $32.26 to Colombianitos (5% of the profits) and gave a 70% return to my backers and was able to add $225 to my bankroll from the quest.

Now, that was the good news. On the bad side of things, I went through a very rough downswing at NL. I finally realized that I was trying to make too much happen with unmade hands and have shifted my focus a little over the last 2 weeks. Trikkur's most recent video found [url=http://www.pokertrikz.com/videos/Trik31%20-%2020NL%20Red%20Star.wmv]Here[/url] really drilled some things home for me. I am learning to believe people when they bet! I watched it about 2 weeks ago and I have to say that my game has improved quite a bit, well at least my profits have. My last 18k hands I have run at almost 3bb/100 which I am perfectly happy with for the moment. If I can continue with that over the next 50k hands or so, I'll feel a lot better about my game and be ready to move back to 50nl. I've also cut back on the number of tables I'm playing for the most part until I am confident in my overall playing. So, the goal for this month is to rack up 50k hands and run at ~3ptbb/100. That should add roughly $750 to my bankroll and I should catch another $300ish from rakeback.

Current bankroll stands at $729.13.