Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sigh once again

Well, Tuesday night and Wednesday went about as bad as possible. Dropped a total of about 8 buyins, 4 at 50nl and 4 at 25nl bringing me down roughly $300 or so, maybe a little more. Took 4 days away while camping and when I came home drummed up 3 buyins back at 25nl but then it seemed to go away today. I decided, with the encouragement of my coworker, to play some $11 45man turbo sng's to break out of the monotony for a little. Played 6 of them for a $66 total investment and had 2 5th place finishes for a total of $88 won giving myself a 33% roi. Not too shabby for some quick fun. I think there is actually some money to be made there as there is a descent prize pool, the players are horrible and have little clue on how to adjust for the increasing blinds and use ICM properly. I may have to look at doing a stretch of these here shortly and get a better idea on my overall roi. They only last about an hour from start to finish and they start continuously.

Current bankroll: $315.69 at Tilt and $460.10 at Stars after receiving $130ish in rakeback on tilt. Total at $775.79. Now, onto my next session :)

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