Saturday, August 29, 2009

Month end coming

Can't believe this month is almost over and I have to say it has been quite a ride. Lots of new high's and low's. Doubt I'll be able to get much in the rest of the weekend so I wanted to give a quick update but nothing really to comment on other than how badly I ran for about 15k hands. AK was a huge loser this month with winning way less than it should :(

Ft: $2882.23
Stars: $521.22

Total: $3403.48

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Down week

Sorry for not posting lately, but I really haven't felt like posting. I've been in quite a rut the last week and it has me second guessing my play. My biggest nemesis has been AK as I don't think that I have won with it in the last week when AIPF. Approximately 8 times I found myself all in pre and lost every single one of them where I either didn't hit or when I did, my opponent hit sets. It's been quite depressing. I'm continuing to play through it and know that it will rebound soon enough but it's difficult right now. Thankfully, rakeback has helped keep things from being really bad. Just have to keep plugging along.

FT: $2,391.27
Stars: $789.22

Total: $3,180.49

Monday, August 17, 2009


My play lately has really not been going too well, so I took a few days off to do other stuff besides think about poker. I spent the day Friday fishing for Marlin and Dolphin and didn't get a thing. I also just signed up for the Philadelphia Half Marathon and started running again yesterday. I put in 2.75mi which was once an easy run that has turned into a workout. I should rebound pretty quickly however and look forward to the challenge. Not sure how much poker I will play today as I found myself playing just to get hands in and my mind was not focussed. If I start to feel that way again, I'll shut down. Going into the week, I'll be focussing on 100nl and rebuilding.

Tilt: $2595.17
Stars: $943.33

Total: $3538.50

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Humbling day

Well, I guess I can't always post wins and yesterday hurt quite a lot. I put in a LOT of hands overall and variance crushed me. I ran 10.5BI -EV which put a dent of about $2k into my bankroll yesterday. I've moved back down to 100nl and will try and rebuild. This also goes into my reasoning for withdrawing a portion. Had I not done that yesterday, I would likely still be playing 200nl and not have those funds to be able to cashout. I have no problems playing 100nl as I still think I can grind a decent side income from it with rakeback. Variance can be a bitch, but geeeeze!

FT: $2787.85
Stars: $943.33

Total: $3,731.18

Even with that horrendous day yesterday, I still find myself with a $3.3k profit for the month so I can't complain too much.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cash for Clunkers???

Not quite, but profits for bills is nice. As I've gone along this journey, my goal was to get to 200nl and play profitably to bring in a decent side income. I got to that point this month (at least profitable so far) and was thinking how high do I want to go??? I was rolled for 400nl and was contemplating moving up but then got back to reality and looking at my bigger priorities and decided to pull out some funds which will make my life easier in the short and long run. It was a smart financial move for me as it will allow me to get some money put into the bank for savings as well as paying down some debt. I figured that if I'm not planning on moving up from 200nl for a while, there wasn't a need to keep the roll online when I can use it for other things. So this morning I cashed out another $2500. I have 3 kids to get school supplies for in the next two weeks which is always frustrating for my wife and I when we are scrimping by. I'll still be playing 200nl and using a 20/17 BI for now. This extra money in my account is going to bring me some peace of mind overall and is a +EV in life for me.

FT: $4809.10
Stars: $943.33

Total: $5752.33

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Really good Monday

Clearing out the cobwebs from Saturday and becoming a card rack made yesterday my largest winning day to date in terms of $$$ outside of a couple of tournament wins I have had. I hit numerous sets that got paid, flopping nut flush vs K high flush on flop, just stuff like that all day long. At ~1k hands in, I was up 7 buyins. Having such a great run, it was difficult to want to keep playing and have the proper mindset. I had to fight that and continue through. I peaked at just under 10 buyins and then dropped a little bit before finishing at 8.5 buyins for the day in about 1800 hands. I'm going to post a graph of the day later on even though it will probably doomswitch me :)

FT: $7,241.90
Stars: $943.33

Total: $8,185.23

Monday, August 10, 2009

Saturday Stupidity

Well, I was able to squeeze in a few hands on Saturday morning and played really poorly. I played too agressively postflop vs fish that aren't going to fold and it cost a bit. I ended up losing about 1.5 buyins overall and didn't need to. Will start this week fresh and spend a bit more time thinking about what reactions my bets will most likely get as I just wasn't doing that.

FT: $5540.80
Stars: $943.33

Total: $6484.13

Saturday, August 8, 2009

This week in review

What a wild week this has been. I've pulled out some money, playing 200nl consistently, having huge swings which I don't like and won my biggest pot to date where I was 215bb deep and flopped set over set on him. Ended up being an $872 pot! Thankfully, that put me even for the session however as I played 3800 hands yesterday to finish up a total of a whopping $65. I was able to rack up about $115 in rakeback however and almost finished clearing my bonus. My rakeback yesterday was nice as well for ~$250. So this week has netted me almost $3k. Not too shabby for a hobby :)

FT: $5838.70
Stars: $943.33

Total: $6782.03

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Done for today

I didn't get a lot of playing in today but still finished well. I broke a rule yesterday and ventured into some 400nl for a brief period after I went on a great run at 200nl. I ended up dropping ~1 buyin overall but still managed to finish up almost 4 buyins from 200nl after that. I spent a lot of time yesterday and today watching some videos on CR by Citizenwind and his current series "99 mistakes" is really good and I highly recommend it. So until tomorrow....

FT: $5272.66
Stars: $943.33

Total: $6215.99

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taking some profits

After thinking about my long term goals, I decided to cashout some more funds here as it is in my long term interest to do so. I'm still leaving myself with a greater than $5k bankroll and will implement a 25/20 bankroll guideline so I'll still be playing 200nl for a while. I dropped 1.5 buyins yesterday and spent a lot of time watching some videos on both Pokertrikz and CR and have a series by Citizenwind to watch. Looking forward to that. I'm also liking the fact that I'm using some of this earned money to help me towards purchasing a house in the future. I'm going to watch this series today and then get back to playing. I still have $220 in bonus to clear and the rakeback is helping greatly :) I have a long day in my office today so I should be able to get in quite a few hands after watching the vids. Until later!

FT: $4,234.26
Stars: $943.33

Total: 5,177.59

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So far so good!

After a long day of grinding yesterday at 200nl, I found myself going through peaks and valleys which i really don't like too much as I'd rather have a steady flow. I found myself down about 1.5 buyins early on then ran up to almost +3 buyins then down almost 1 buyin then finished up almost 4 buyins so overall a nice profitable day at 7.5bb/100. A few monster hands really helped with that where I flopped a set of Kings vs set of Queens, flopped a boat vs an overpair who couldn't get away. I had a few bad spots along the way as well where I flopped a set of Tens on a QT9 board and opponent open raised with KJo and I didn't fill up. Had AK lose to AA and AK lose to QQ AIPF both times. I also called a shove from an aggressive BB on the button with 88 (not my best moment). I cleared $260 of the bonus and it doesn't appear to be effecting my MGR on my rakeback either which is really nice :) Rakeback this week should tally to around $280. I moved $150 for a friend also so my Stars money has increased there a bit. Definitely have hit an all time high here with my bankroll as well.

FT: $6,543.61
Stars: $943.33

Total: $7,486.94

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moving up???

After having a great day on Saturday, I decided to start testing out 200nl again and see what we can gain from our last experience of dropping huge amounts tooo quickly. I found myself playing a bit cautious as the pot sizes still seem shocking to me. Having $200 at risk at any point is playing with my head a bit and only playing will take that away over time. Was able to put in almost 500 hands today and having a good run of cards found me up almost 3.5 buyins. Flopping 3 sets and turning a 4th with 2 of those turning into quads helps quite a bit especially when my opponents had a hand. Once my opponent flopped a flush and I quadded up on the river. I'm hoping to be able to stay at 200nl.

FT: $5,810.76
Stars: $793.53

Total: $6,604.29

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July in review

As we begin another month, I look back over the last year or so and realize how far I've come and how much I have yet to learn. July has been my best month ever allowing me to cashout $1500, put another $630 in the bank from the WSOP stake and start August with a very respectable bankroll with more than double what I started July with. Goals for this month include playing at least 50k hands and $4k profit. With that kind of volume, it should be doable when you factor in rakeback. I put in 40k hands at 100nl last month with another 10k hands at other levels. The 40k at 100nl netted me ~$800 in rakeback. I still have some leaks to plug and increase my winrate so I will be focussing on that a lot. I managed a meager 2.5bb/100 for the bulk of my play and I know I can better that with some work. So, here is where we begin August:

FT: $4130.76
Stars: $793.53

Total: $4924.29

I also received a bonus offer from Tilt this month for $500 in which I still have 27 days to clear and I've cleared $100 in the last 3 days so just an added perk :)

Edited after my 2 hr session today:
FT: $5080.76
Stars: $793.53
Total: $5,847.29