Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Really good Monday

Clearing out the cobwebs from Saturday and becoming a card rack made yesterday my largest winning day to date in terms of $$$ outside of a couple of tournament wins I have had. I hit numerous sets that got paid, flopping nut flush vs K high flush on flop, just stuff like that all day long. At ~1k hands in, I was up 7 buyins. Having such a great run, it was difficult to want to keep playing and have the proper mindset. I had to fight that and continue through. I peaked at just under 10 buyins and then dropped a little bit before finishing at 8.5 buyins for the day in about 1800 hands. I'm going to post a graph of the day later on even though it will probably doomswitch me :)

FT: $7,241.90
Stars: $943.33

Total: $8,185.23

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