Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cash for Clunkers???

Not quite, but profits for bills is nice. As I've gone along this journey, my goal was to get to 200nl and play profitably to bring in a decent side income. I got to that point this month (at least profitable so far) and was thinking how high do I want to go??? I was rolled for 400nl and was contemplating moving up but then got back to reality and looking at my bigger priorities and decided to pull out some funds which will make my life easier in the short and long run. It was a smart financial move for me as it will allow me to get some money put into the bank for savings as well as paying down some debt. I figured that if I'm not planning on moving up from 200nl for a while, there wasn't a need to keep the roll online when I can use it for other things. So this morning I cashed out another $2500. I have 3 kids to get school supplies for in the next two weeks which is always frustrating for my wife and I when we are scrimping by. I'll still be playing 200nl and using a 20/17 BI for now. This extra money in my account is going to bring me some peace of mind overall and is a +EV in life for me.

FT: $4809.10
Stars: $943.33

Total: $5752.33

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