Saturday, August 1, 2009

July in review

As we begin another month, I look back over the last year or so and realize how far I've come and how much I have yet to learn. July has been my best month ever allowing me to cashout $1500, put another $630 in the bank from the WSOP stake and start August with a very respectable bankroll with more than double what I started July with. Goals for this month include playing at least 50k hands and $4k profit. With that kind of volume, it should be doable when you factor in rakeback. I put in 40k hands at 100nl last month with another 10k hands at other levels. The 40k at 100nl netted me ~$800 in rakeback. I still have some leaks to plug and increase my winrate so I will be focussing on that a lot. I managed a meager 2.5bb/100 for the bulk of my play and I know I can better that with some work. So, here is where we begin August:

FT: $4130.76
Stars: $793.53

Total: $4924.29

I also received a bonus offer from Tilt this month for $500 in which I still have 27 days to clear and I've cleared $100 in the last 3 days so just an added perk :)

Edited after my 2 hr session today:
FT: $5080.76
Stars: $793.53
Total: $5,847.29

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