Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So far so good!

After a long day of grinding yesterday at 200nl, I found myself going through peaks and valleys which i really don't like too much as I'd rather have a steady flow. I found myself down about 1.5 buyins early on then ran up to almost +3 buyins then down almost 1 buyin then finished up almost 4 buyins so overall a nice profitable day at 7.5bb/100. A few monster hands really helped with that where I flopped a set of Kings vs set of Queens, flopped a boat vs an overpair who couldn't get away. I had a few bad spots along the way as well where I flopped a set of Tens on a QT9 board and opponent open raised with KJo and I didn't fill up. Had AK lose to AA and AK lose to QQ AIPF both times. I also called a shove from an aggressive BB on the button with 88 (not my best moment). I cleared $260 of the bonus and it doesn't appear to be effecting my MGR on my rakeback either which is really nice :) Rakeback this week should tally to around $280. I moved $150 for a friend also so my Stars money has increased there a bit. Definitely have hit an all time high here with my bankroll as well.

FT: $6,543.61
Stars: $943.33

Total: $7,486.94

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