Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taking some profits

After thinking about my long term goals, I decided to cashout some more funds here as it is in my long term interest to do so. I'm still leaving myself with a greater than $5k bankroll and will implement a 25/20 bankroll guideline so I'll still be playing 200nl for a while. I dropped 1.5 buyins yesterday and spent a lot of time watching some videos on both Pokertrikz and CR and have a series by Citizenwind to watch. Looking forward to that. I'm also liking the fact that I'm using some of this earned money to help me towards purchasing a house in the future. I'm going to watch this series today and then get back to playing. I still have $220 in bonus to clear and the rakeback is helping greatly :) I have a long day in my office today so I should be able to get in quite a few hands after watching the vids. Until later!

FT: $4,234.26
Stars: $943.33

Total: 5,177.59


Anonymous said...

By 25/20 do you mean play whatever stake as long as you have 25 buy-ins but drop down when you only have 20?

MX's NL Journey said...

Correct Yorkshire. Most people play a 20/15 or a 20/17 but I'm trying to be a bit more conservative with my roll.