Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moving up???

After having a great day on Saturday, I decided to start testing out 200nl again and see what we can gain from our last experience of dropping huge amounts tooo quickly. I found myself playing a bit cautious as the pot sizes still seem shocking to me. Having $200 at risk at any point is playing with my head a bit and only playing will take that away over time. Was able to put in almost 500 hands today and having a good run of cards found me up almost 3.5 buyins. Flopping 3 sets and turning a 4th with 2 of those turning into quads helps quite a bit especially when my opponents had a hand. Once my opponent flopped a flush and I quadded up on the river. I'm hoping to be able to stay at 200nl.

FT: $5,810.76
Stars: $793.53

Total: $6,604.29

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