Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spot check:

Cake: $649.98
Tilt: $231.49
Stars: $47.76
Total: $929.23

Rakeback: $205.21

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday post...

Not a whole lot to update, but figured I'd go ahead and put something in. I must say that I am extremely lucky right now as I went on some major tilt yesterday and easily could have dropped my bankroll, but got myself back together and refocused. I did drop some, but it could be a lot worse. I'm also playing quite a few step trny's on Stars for a seat at the PCA which is really my biggest goal I've ever had playing poker. I'm seeing a lot of bad play at the lower steps which is to be expected and I can't seem to move past step 2. I've finished 3rd like 6 times and top 2 move on. Very aggrivating. Hope to have a good update with some progress in the bankroll department soon.

Cake: 442.19
Tilt: 231.49
Stars: 47.76

Total: 721.44

Sep Rakeback: 195.59 and counting....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick Miniupdate

was hoping to not have to drop back down and so far we are ok. Rebounded a little bit last night as I picked up about a buyin and a half when I stacked KJo w/ a set of 6's on a J high board. Also going to keep track of each site's bankroll to make it a little easier to update as I am almost strictly playing on Cake and want to also keep up with my rakeback so I am going to add that category since Cake updates daily.


Stars: $47.76
Full Tilt: $231.49
Cake: $681.08
Total Bankroll: $960.33
Rakeback at Cake so far this month: $131.22

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh the weekend variance...

Variance can be so cruel at times. While going on a fairly good run over the last week, it caught back up with me this weekend. I had a guy make a couple of crazy crazy calls for my full stack and I lost 3 flips to him dropping 3 buyins to him. I finally got up and closed my laptop as I could tell that tilt was starting to set in and I walked.

Current Bankroll: $817.43

Saturday, September 20, 2008

$1k Cracked through again

Things have been going quite well on Cake so I decided to take a shot at 50nl with a little bit of the profit I have had and use the rakeback to cushion me some. I set a stoploss at 4 buyins, and after a few big suckouts, found myself down 2 buyins the first day. I was feeling a bit deflated as I truly felt that I was going to proceed this time. It seems that each time I get to this point, I hit a horrendous downswing and end up dropping most of my hard work quickly. I stayed true however and continued to play, watching the money carefully and if I hit another 2 buyin drop, I would move back to 20nl. Things have gone quite well however and I am up, at least for now. I've cracked through the $1k mark again, not including my rakeback which is already up to over $100 after just a week of play there and most of that at 20nl. Here's hoping to keep this going.

Current BR now at $1,040.08

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a month..

Sorry for not having an update for a while as I went on the most absurd horrible run in my poker career that wasn't tilt/alcohol/bankroll induced. I dropped 3/4 of my bankroll in the month of August and was down to under $200. I played a variety of sng's and 10nl to rebuild. I played quite a few sng's and really crushed them which really helped. I was able to start playing 25nl again and I've moved most money over to Cake to capitalize on the weaker players there and that has gone well so far. I have also had a session recorded for critique by Trikkur in which he has completed the first half. I have to say that he pointed out some very large leaks in my game that I just didn't comprehend before, and hope that it will improve dramatically already. If you would like to watch it, here it is:

Bankroll back to a respectable level again and hoping to move up to 50nl soon.