Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday post...

Not a whole lot to update, but figured I'd go ahead and put something in. I must say that I am extremely lucky right now as I went on some major tilt yesterday and easily could have dropped my bankroll, but got myself back together and refocused. I did drop some, but it could be a lot worse. I'm also playing quite a few step trny's on Stars for a seat at the PCA which is really my biggest goal I've ever had playing poker. I'm seeing a lot of bad play at the lower steps which is to be expected and I can't seem to move past step 2. I've finished 3rd like 6 times and top 2 move on. Very aggrivating. Hope to have a good update with some progress in the bankroll department soon.

Cake: 442.19
Tilt: 231.49
Stars: 47.76

Total: 721.44

Sep Rakeback: 195.59 and counting....

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