Saturday, September 20, 2008

$1k Cracked through again

Things have been going quite well on Cake so I decided to take a shot at 50nl with a little bit of the profit I have had and use the rakeback to cushion me some. I set a stoploss at 4 buyins, and after a few big suckouts, found myself down 2 buyins the first day. I was feeling a bit deflated as I truly felt that I was going to proceed this time. It seems that each time I get to this point, I hit a horrendous downswing and end up dropping most of my hard work quickly. I stayed true however and continued to play, watching the money carefully and if I hit another 2 buyin drop, I would move back to 20nl. Things have gone quite well however and I am up, at least for now. I've cracked through the $1k mark again, not including my rakeback which is already up to over $100 after just a week of play there and most of that at 20nl. Here's hoping to keep this going.

Current BR now at $1,040.08

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