Monday, January 19, 2009

Cashed out....

Well, I finally plunged and cashed out of Cake today. I'll be putting those funds to use at home instead of redepositing into my poker accounts. This means that my bankroll is much much smaller now to play. I think that instead of grinding at 25nl I'm going to grind away at the DON's on Stars. Calculating some things through, if I play 50/day at work (give or take a few) that puts me to 1k per month and at a 60% winrate clears about $1600/month not including any fpp's that go along with it. Right now, it is more important for me to grind out the cash then it is for moving up in limits so think that is the best way to go. Will be posting updates from time to time with the overall totals. Hope it goes like that :)

Stars: $213.37 (after 15 don's today, and 9 wins)
FT: $349.87

Cashed out $1122.49

Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, I guess it's time to make it official and post the actual bankroll situation. NL100 absolutely crushed me and I'm embarassed but need to move on. I've been taking a little break from NL and playing a bunch of Double or Nothings at Stars. It's kind of monotonous, but it is steady profit and low stress. I've played 93 of them in the last 2 days and won 55 giving me a net profit of $132.80. I've been playing ~9 tables at a time and just grinding the crap out of them :)

so here we go:

Cake: $1157.49 (moved some over to Tilt)
Tilt: $261.07 (lost a lot of money here)
Stars: $189.37

Total: $1607.93

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Vid- 4 table 25nl

Ok, after a disastrous attempt to move up to 100nl, I have humbled myself a little bit to really improve my game. I watched a few videos on CR and have been looking at some graphs of other people and realize I am playing too much of a nit style. It's been between TAG and NIT and I need to ramp up my agression some and my positional play. I am moving down to 25nl to work on this and will be 3betting much more in position. I played about 1700 hands last night 4 tabling 25nl from 5pm until 9pm and where I was usually running around an 18/16/2 with a 5% 3bet, finished 21/19.9/7.23 and a 13% 3bet percentage. My positional stats were as follows: well can't seem to figure out how to find those in HM at the moment. I definitely make some questionable plays overall and would love some feedback.

MX6-4 Tabling 25nl on Tilt

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fresh New Week

Well, the holidays are now over and we begin to get back into a normal routine which means more work and less fun :(. The holidays were great for the tables as a lot of people were off work and donating funds all over the place. The variance was a bit higher than normal, but I'll take that because it was definitely +EV overall. I'm still a bit torn about what to do from a cashout perspective. I'd like to see it grow and move up but at the same time it would be nice to pull some out and bank it up. I am very close to requesting a cashout from Cake due to the lack of players available to play but that will leave me a little short for 100nl if I do it, but I think its just time to take the plunge. I have over $1500 there currently and if I cash out, that will leave me with ~$1500 bankroll to work with once my rakeback hits on tilt ($150ish). Not horrible but not really what I want at 100nl obv. The funny part is that I am playing with that same bankroll anyhow because I'm not touching the money at cake anyhow, but it is a mental thing for me knowing that I can switch sites and have a good chunk of funds there to play with. If I can get my Tilt bankroll up to about $1800 I'd feel a lot better about cashing out from Cake. Sigh...decisions. Anyhow, I've strictly played 100nl for the last week or so and things have been going pretty well. I'm up, but not exactly sure how much currently as I don't have access to my PT at home, but think it's about 5 buyins total. I'm also implementing a few new things at my job that will take some additional time from me playing, but I will still have quite a bit of time to get my hands in. I would really like to get about 30k hands in this month at 100nl which should net me close to 1k in rakeback. I'll be able to get a better picture of that once I import my hands today. If I can average 1k in rakeback per month, I'll just start withdrawing that and leavinng the bankroll with what I win/lose. That would be the ideal situation for me as I would like to pull roughly that much out each month to fund my vacation in December. I was able to earn about $550 in rakeback last month at 50nl, but a lot of that was at cake where I got 33% rakeback and think the extra 6% would account for close to $100 there so it will take a few more hands to get to 1k on tilt this month. Anyhow, recap time:

Cake: $1557.49
Tilt: $1226.12 with $150 coming in rakeback
Stars: $199.50

Todays goals: Watch one video at 100nl and play 1500 hands.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, for my first post of the year, I want to thank all the donks that have been on the tables the last few days. You have all tried my patience quite a lot and brought a new level of patience to my game. After being sucked out on 7 all in pots and ONLY finishing down 3 buyins, I was able to recover all of that today. Rakeback has not hit as of yet and I'm kind of at a loss of what to do really. I think I might just leave the funds in to play 100nl instead of drawing down. Not sure yet. Quick bankroll cap:

Cake: $1149.80
Tilt: $923.02
Stars: $199.50

Rakeback: $407.69 coming from cake and $150.04 coming from tilt.

Grand Total once the rakeback actually hits: $2830.05