Monday, January 19, 2009

Cashed out....

Well, I finally plunged and cashed out of Cake today. I'll be putting those funds to use at home instead of redepositing into my poker accounts. This means that my bankroll is much much smaller now to play. I think that instead of grinding at 25nl I'm going to grind away at the DON's on Stars. Calculating some things through, if I play 50/day at work (give or take a few) that puts me to 1k per month and at a 60% winrate clears about $1600/month not including any fpp's that go along with it. Right now, it is more important for me to grind out the cash then it is for moving up in limits so think that is the best way to go. Will be posting updates from time to time with the overall totals. Hope it goes like that :)

Stars: $213.37 (after 15 don's today, and 9 wins)
FT: $349.87

Cashed out $1122.49

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