Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Vid- 4 table 25nl

Ok, after a disastrous attempt to move up to 100nl, I have humbled myself a little bit to really improve my game. I watched a few videos on CR and have been looking at some graphs of other people and realize I am playing too much of a nit style. It's been between TAG and NIT and I need to ramp up my agression some and my positional play. I am moving down to 25nl to work on this and will be 3betting much more in position. I played about 1700 hands last night 4 tabling 25nl from 5pm until 9pm and where I was usually running around an 18/16/2 with a 5% 3bet, finished 21/19.9/7.23 and a 13% 3bet percentage. My positional stats were as follows: well can't seem to figure out how to find those in HM at the moment. I definitely make some questionable plays overall and would love some feedback.

MX6-4 Tabling 25nl on Tilt


DeathEveryTime said...

Hiya, i saw your blog address on Pokertrikz and thought i'd check it out. i enjoyed reading your blog so thought i'd follow it (if thats ok with you?). Good luck at the tables!!

MX's NL Journey said...

no worris at all. The more the merrier. Just wasn't sure where/how you found me.