Sunday, February 1, 2009

Start of a new Month

As February rolls around, I needed to get a post up here for my own sake of accountability. The DON's on Stars took a horrendous turn and I ended up dropping back to around a $40 bankroll on stars. I decided to play some 180 sng's after dropping down to around $20 and ended up taking a 3rd place in one to boost me back up to $90ish. Also been grinding back from a downswing on Tilt. I was down around a $225 total bankroll at the lowest and I'm slowly grinding back. I'll be looking forward to my rakeback on Tilt come another week or so as it will be a big boost. I decided to play some 25nl tonight as I am basically counting my rakeback right now and had a wonderful session. Finished up 6 buyins over a 1k hand session. Can't beat that :)

So as we move forward this month, this is our base after today's session:

Tilt: $367.50
Stars: $90.28

Total: $457.78

Probably looking at around $350 in rakeback this month so that will put me safely playing 25nl again.

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