Thursday, February 5, 2009

Run good?

Well, I thought that my 6 buyin run "can't get better than that" comment was really true, but fortunately, it is false because it did get better. I'm on probably the biggest heater I have ever been on and just wish it had happened at 100nl but just overall greatful to have had it happen. I posted the other day about the great run so far this month and being up 6 buyins over ~1k hands. Well, I now have ~4k hands in and I'm up almost 20 buyins! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Everything is just hitting properly and hands are holding a bit better than normal. Great example is me with TT vs T7 on a 7 high flop where he shoved (total fish, insta call). I'm in great shape until the turn when a 7 hits. Of course, being the awesomest most fantabulistic player that exists, I hit my 1 outer T on the river and scoop another one. I then get AA in bb after lots of action pf and actually flat after utg raises, utg+1 reraises, button 4 bets to give the others a chance to shove. UTG folds, utg+1 shoves, button reshoves :) They both have KK and are drawing to a flush where I have 2 of them covered or a split pot and I stack both for a 3.5 buyin pot. I have to post it because it feels really good to actually post good stuff from time to time. Here is the graph for the month so far:


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