Friday, February 20, 2009

Steadily moving

Well, it's been a couple weeks since the last update and the incredible run has sort of normalized. I was able to move up to 50nl when counting the rakeback I am earning and continued on a great run then the walls collapsed. I think I got overconfident and started pushing a bit too hard. I've been bouncing on the border of 25 and 50nl for the last week and feel my play has greatly improved overall. 25nl has been going wonderful and after ~15k hands, I'm running at 8.26 ptbb/100 with a total of 24 buyins up so far this month. I have close to 7k hands at 50nl and I'm down a little over 2 buyins there due to some stupid play and some suckouts. I'm very pleased to have the bankroll back up to the $1k mark so quickly when I started with ~$300 at the beginning of the month.


Tilt: $947.11
Stars: $79.28

Total: $1026.39
Rakeback tally: ~$180


Martynp said...

Hi MXrider,

I found your blog from your signature on Pokertrikz. Really enjoyed the read and it has inspired me to re-start my old blog.

I hope you don't mind, but I am going to follow your blog.

Good luck at the tables.

MX's NL Journey said...

No problem at all. I hope it encourages others as well. I see you have also picked up on a couple of my friends as well (unless you are from ITH also???)

Martynp said...

Cool. It certainly has inspired me. I am now continuing to write my old Blog and put some hands in.

Yeah I saw your friends blogs and had a look at theirs. Their blogs are also good reads and so I decided to watch theirs as well. Hopefully they won't mind.

Not a member of ITH. Just Pokertrikz and leggo from when i was previously a paying member.