Saturday, September 5, 2009

Let's go Terps!

That's right everyone, College football is back! I had a special request for a bit of a twist on the journey and wanted to comply. I'll be spending the evening drinking and partying with some friends and then watching some of the game tonight. It doesn't start till 10pm since it's playing in California. They are a fairly large underdog but hope to overcome that.

Now, onto Poker. I had an opportunity to back Yankees31 again. He is the guy that I backed in the wsop which gave quite a nice return. He is playing a bunch of events in the WCOOP for total buyin of $10,700 so I have 1% again. First trny is tomorrow. He played in an event on Thursday which was a $215 buyin 6max event. ~8500 people and he finished ~350 for a $700 cash or so. Unfortunatley, I didn't have a piece of that one.

Rakeback hit yesterday for a total of $209 and play this week has been pretty good (once Monday is taken out :) ) Tuesday was a +5 bi, Wed -4bi, Thurs +2 and yesterday +3.5 so total of +6.5 since my cashout.

FT: $2657.14
Stars: $414.22

Total: $3,071.36

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