Thursday, May 29, 2008

A little bit late, but here none the less. Been a fairly descent week and I've been bumping up on the 50NL again. I had a good run at 25nl and decided to take a small shot at 100nl. On the very first hand, I had A3o in the bb. The SB limped and I bumped it up to $4. He called. Flop comes 245r! Gin flop for me. He bets out $6 and I feel there is no way he has 37, so I bump it up to $17 and he instacalls. Hmmm, what does he have..... Turn comes a 6 and he instashoves $68. I call for him to show me 77 for an oesd and overpair. River was a blank and I pull down my biggest NL pot to date of $182.

Also starting on a new 180 quest now that Stars has the $10/180's back. I've got all my shares locked up, just not sure who is getting how many yet. Should get started on that today.

Bankroll to date: $938.47

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