Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm not dead...just hiding :)

Been a few rough weeks on the tables and I decided to take a bit of a break from playing a lot of poker. Just been playing a little here and there. I also really haven't been participating in the forums much as of late. Not really sure if this is a complete burnout or just a needed setback. Whatever it is, I'm feeling good and starting to play a little again. I've been playing some $10nl on FT with some massive multitabling going on as an experiment. I tried doing this at cake where I think there are more fish, but the new software just keeps crashing on me. I played just over 3k hands on Friday and was able to take down about 4.5 buyins for almost 8ptbb/100. Played another 1k hands of 20nl on cake tonight at over 9ptbb/100 but did this playing no more than 4 tables. I'd really like to get this to where I can play 50nl for some side income and allow me to quit my second job. We'll see where that goes as I certainly don't count on being able to do so any time soon. I would also want to have a massive bankroll for it.

Cake: $408.29
Tilt: $247.86
Stars: $19.13

Total: $675.28

Rakeback accrued: $239.04

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