Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September is done!

Well, I had a fairly successful recovery in September. With my rakeback from cake (still don't know how much for Tilt) my overall bankroll sits as follows:

Cake: $738.40
Tilt: $231.49
Stars: $29.21

Total Bankroll: $991.10

I put in just over 20k hands at Cake in September, which was actually more than I had anticipated. Much of that was at 20nl and I'm hoping that I can stay at 50nl this full month. Having the 33% rakeback really helps that out.

I'm also starting to follow a few other poker blogs to help in my education. I believe that my overall play has gotten better, but my overall results are still fairly stagnant in terms of my earnrate. I'll be sticking to 50nl until I feel quite confident that I can comfortably beat it. I still have a few large leaks that need plugging. My largest by far ( I think) is cbetting too much and not taking into consideration the range of my opponents on certain boards and not getting folds on the flop like I think I can. That will be my main focus this month and hope that I can improve that part of my game.

Here's to a good month of October!

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