Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fading away

It is quite amazing how much of an impact just the slightest offset in mood can have on your overall game. Since my last post, I was feeling good about where I was with my game with the recovery I made through the tournaments, but since then I have not quite been 100% at the tables mentally and it has taken a toll on the roll. I'm feeling very discouraged currently about the game in general as nothing I seem to do works and when it does, I get outdrawn. I can't even think about my opponents lines and hand ranges and it is showing. For some reason, I felt that I could refocus my game by playing some H/U NL which this does do, but it also tends to have huge swings and that hit me for 4-5 buyins at a level I wasn't rolled for. I then decided that I still wanted to play h/u, so I decided to play some sng's. Started at $20 and felt good through 6 losses due to suckouts which led to bad play. At this point, I really started tilting. I have to say I am very lucky to have a bankroll at all at this point because I was on my way to some 200nl games and did sit for a while but sat shortstacked. So I now need to refocus......AGAIN! and need to decide what I want to specialize in. I hate this game sometimes.....

FT: $19.48
Stars: $358.17

Total: $377.65

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Anonymous said...

One of my biggest leaks used to be playing when stressed or tired or both. Now that I have managed to stop that I have stopped bleeding cash.

Best of luck, I'm sure you'll turn it around.