Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh yea, I have a blog.....

Well, I hadn't actually forgotten about my blog, but was too embarassed to post anything to it as I was really tilting and just throwing money away in general. After a bit of recovery, I can hold my head high and start posting again. I had pretty much busted totally and was anxiously awaiting my rakeback from Tilt which was a much needed rebuild. I really am not sure if I will ever get to the level that I want to in NL poker. I've always found myself to be a better tournament player overall, but thought I could push my way into the NL world and make a descent buck off of it. I decided to take a bit of a break from NL cash games and set out on a new quest: Turn my 20k FPP's at Stars into a descent amount of cash. I'm playing the 210 fpp satellites to the Sunday 100k which has an $11 entry which gives me T$11 to use in regular trny's. I'm going to be focussing on this primarily until all my fpp's are gone. I currently have 8,412 fpp's left and I stand with the following results:

Total Played: 56
Total FPP's spent: 11760
Total Won: 23
$T won= $253
Current $T to spend: $62.90

Trny's played with $T-

$12 turbo 180 sng= $23.76
$12 turbo 180 sng= $0
$12 turbo 180 sng= $0 77 runs into 99
$12 turbo 45 sng= $0 KK runs into a limp/shoved A6o utg
$12 turbo 45 sng= $22
$5 mtt= $0
$20.80 DON= $0
$10.40 DON= $0
$10.40 DON= $0
$12 turbo 180 = $0
$12 turbo 180 = $0
$12 turbo 180 = $128.70
$12 turbo 180 = $23.76
$12 turbo 45 = $0
$12 turbo 180= $23.76
$12 turbo 180 = $0

$ won= $221.98

Here's hoping it continues well and I can get a couple more final tables going.

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