Saturday, May 16, 2009

On my way back!

Well, at least I think I might be on my way back. The last few days have treated me very well and with my rakeback now being processed weekly, I am growing at a descent clip. I've been really focused recently and it has greatly helped my bankroll. Being on a nice heater doesn't hurt either. I'm also realizing how much playing out of position truly sucks and I try and avoid it at all costs now. I've found myself getting into some sticky situations while quite deep and kind of lost and have sought comments on a couple of hands. The biggest one was when I was 250bb deep with an utg raiser and I was in the BB with KK. I 3bet him and he 4bet and he was quite tight as well and I decided to just flat since I would be out of position the whole hand. I truly think he had AA and would have shoved over a 5bet and I chose the safe route. An A flopped and I was done.

The last 5k hands or so, the deck has hit me in the face hard and I have capitalized on it as best as I can with a great climb in my graph. Everytime I have posted a great graph, it has followed with a big downswing, but I'm still going to post it :) It's just nice to report something good every once in a while.

Bankroll #'s:

Tilt: $474.23
Stars: $293.22
Total: $767.45


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