Thursday, May 28, 2009


First things first.....WOOOOTAAAAAA! I really felt like by posting that last post I was flipping the ever eluding doom switch, but alas, that has not happened. I'm having one of the best runs I think I have ever had and some of it is due to cards, some due to table selection and just overall descent (won't say good yet) play. After the 8 buyin upswing, I was ready to drop some or just stay where I was for a while, but that didn't happen. Wednesday led me to a 4 buyin win and today another 5 1/2. So in the last 3 days and ~6k hands, I'm up about 17 buyins! I've been joking around with my work partner and he keeps saying I'll be rolled for 100nl by next week and I keep telling him he's out of his mind. I hope I'm wrong. I'm playing anywhere from 2-4 tables and trying to keep up with my table selection and leaving when the table turns south. I'm also trying to stay away from playing too deep with other players as I'm not quite comfortable playing 200bb deep yet. It really changes your perspective on what you think are "strong" hands :) I should also have $50ish in rakeback coming tomorrow and likely hit $75-$100 next week. I really like the new weekly rakeback a lot. So, update.....(drumroll)

Stars: $170.80
Tilt: $1,339.98

Total: $1,540.78

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