Monday, June 1, 2009

A Yucky Weekend

It's a really good thing that I had gone on that massive run because this weekend put a hurtin on me. I had massive fish tables and just got crushed every time I turned around. There was one particular player that was on my immediate right that just owned me over and over. He limped 88% of his hands and would call any raise preflop. He would then min bet EVERY single flop and call a pot sized raise with any piece of the board and then min bet the turn again. If he happened to still be in the hand on the river, he would just lead pot. He sucked out on me so many times, it was pathetic and I watched him just donk it away to the other players. It was so frustrating, and I have to say that it affected my play on the other couple tables I was playing. I ended finishing down about 5 buyins. Time to recover!

Tilt: $970.77
Stars: $170.80

Total: $1141.57

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