Friday, June 26, 2009

200nl going the wrong way

Well, my shot at 200nl has not been going so well. Im not down that terribly much (4.5 buyins) but I have made some really stupid plays thinking that people are bluffing and being much more aggro at 200nl compared to 100nl which doesn't seem to be the case. I've also had a couple of bad spots where QQ hit a set vs my AA, KK flatted my EP raise when I had JJ and board was all low. I rank QQ into AK and lost that flip and shoved AJo into AK in a button/sb battle. I think I am changing my game too much and need to get back to playing the way that I did at 100nl. If I drop 2 more buyins I'll be moving back down to 100nl again. Let's get back to solid poker! I should have close to $200 coming in rakeback today as well so that softens the blow a little bit as well.

FT: $2454.84
Stars: $661.98

Total: 3116.82

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