Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recovery Day

After having my largest downswing in terms of actual money, I think today was the best day I have ever had. I have to say that I had lost some confidence by the end of yesterday and was a bit reluctant to put the hands in today but I am glad I did. I was able to completely recover the losses from yesterday and put in a +7 buyin day today with only about 1200 hands. The biggest contributor to this was when I was sitting +300bb deep vs a 240bb stack and picked up AA utg. The button 3bet and I made a large 4bet to 55bb since we were so deep. He shoves! Now my heart starts pounding as I call. He has KK and I just need to fade an odd straight, flush or set. No help for him and we rake in a 480bb pot! Later on I had KK when utg limped, utg+1 raised and I 3bet to 17bb. Both call. Flop comes all clubs, 7QJ. UTG shoves (shortstacked) Utg+1 reshoves. I have an overpair plus the Kc so I call. Both utg and utg+1 flopped sets, JJ and QQ. So I have outs to my flush and my own set. Turn is a lovely K for about a 260bb pot. Nice to run good for once :)

Tilt: $2554.04
Stars: $557.98

Total: $3112.02

Rakeback coming Friday: $119.02 (did not include Mondays play for some reason)

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