Friday, June 12, 2009

Ho Hum Thursday

I wasn't able to play very much yesterday and when I did, I didn't play very well quite honestly. I'm struggling with a cold and my head is not very clear. Not a good combination for playing poker. I had Colossas railing me when UTG raises (very tight player), button called and I have AA in the BB. The initial raise was to $3. My normal 3bet with a cold caller is 5x the initial bet but with utg being quite tight, I raised to $16. Both utg and the button called. The flop came down 4c6d8d. Not the greatest of boards for 2 callers. I wasn't too worried about utg as he would lay down those pp's but I was a bit concerned about the button who flatted a raise and then flatted the reraise. I was putting utg on an overpair to this board but if I got heat from the button I would consider laying this down. Anyhow, the pot contained $48.50 so my SPR was only a little over 2 so I'm going with this at this point. I led out for $27 and UTG raised to $60. Now it was up to the button who folded and I instantly shipped my remaining stack. UTG instacalled with KK so I'm a huge favorite now. Unfortunately, a K hit on the turn and I end up down $128 to the 2 outer. No worries there honestly. It happens and I got the money in way good. After that, I made 2 really bad calldowns and decided to quit after losing $185.90 total. I moved over to stars for a bit and played a couple of $6.50 turbo sng's. Took first in one and 3rd in another for a small profit. I was floating around $200 on stars and wanted a bit of a change in scenery so I pulled up 2 $100nl tables there with pretty much my full bankroll on there. Within 60 hands, I found myself up $153.75 and had to quit to go to work. Overall, was a positive as I only finished down $32.15. Looking forward to getting my rakeback today of $162.54

Bankroll prior to playing today:

Tilt: $2214.55
Stars: $357.98
Rakeback today: $162.54

Total: $2735.07

This is a high water mark for me for quite some time and hope this continues to flood!

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