Monday, June 29, 2009

Cooler Sunday

Well, yesterday was a kick in the pants overall as I had great 2nd best hands and finished down almost 3 buyins overall and they all happened pretty much simultaneously. Ran AKs into AA, Then QQ into AA (same guy), 43s flops 2pr vs flopped set, KQs twice flops top pair and opponents hit sets on the flop. Just a crazy day. That puts me at a net loss at 200nl of $126 over 5k hands so nothing horrible, but not moving up either. Thank goodness for Friday's sessions! I just finished importing all of my hands from my other 2 pc's that I play on and I have an overall win for the month at $1332 plus another $575 in rakeback so far and another $110 in sng wins. Not really sure why my numbers aren't adding up to be honest as I started the month with an ~$1100 bankroll. I also staked a good MTT player yesterday for $100 in a bunch of tournametns which I'm getting back ~$25 after he took some horrid beats. I should be sitting around $3000 according to those numbers and I'm sitting at $3968.21 so I've lost almost $1000 in hands somewhere. Dunno....

FT: $3399.43
Stars: $568.78

Total: $3968.21

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