Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Deep in a donkament.....waste of my time :)

Good morning followers! As I got into work yesterday, a friend of mine commented about playing some tournaments on Stars and I told him about the 10k guar which has a $5 buyin. I decided to play with him and we had ~2600 entrants. The real money was on the final table obviously and that was my goal. Trying to navigate through this is like a minefield and I happily did so. I ended up busting in 22nd when my AK ran into AA and pulled down a whopping $27! Took me about 5 1/2 hrs for that. Anyhow, after that I put in almost 2 solid hours and ~650 at 100nl and was able to pull down almost 2 full buyins. Had to work last night and had a couple beers after a busy Monday. I got home around 1am and pulled up my pc, read a bit on the forums and decided to pull up a couple tables for a bit. Glad I did as I played for about 35-45 min and pulled in another 2 buyins so it was a very good day on the tables yesterday.

Stars: $192.43
Tilt: $2174.60

Total: $2367.03

This weeks rakeback coming Friday: $162.54

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