Thursday, June 18, 2009

Learned a new lesson??

After that horrid run on Tuesday, I posted 5 particular hands about whether or not I should be willing to stack off on both Trikz and ITH. Some I played properly and some I played poorly, but there was something that I learned that I was not looking for initially. The first is taking into account when someone donks the flop and what my donking image has been. This is an area that I don't focus on enough and obviously something that I need to start looking at. I see many fish donk minbet the flops and I just raise em up and they fold but when a descent player donks pot on a low flop, now what does that mean??? The second thing that I learned to try and think about more, is thinking about betsizing from the flop. There was a situation that came up where I was deepstacked and flopped a set and I didn't adjust my betting based on the stacks involved and kept it in relation to the pot more than I should have. Putting your stack size in correct ratio for either shoving the turn or the river is more important than I have considered in the past and I just want to particularly thank Given and Soultwister for their comments. These comments helped me get a 240bb stack in preflop yesterday :)

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