Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Humbly Stepping Back

Well, so much for 200nl for now. Yesterday was absolutely brutal to me. 3 times I had either AA or KK where guy flops a set on me, flop tptk vs maniac who check raises the flop and then hits 2pr on the turn. Stuff like that all day and it ended up costing me about 7 buyins overall which it really should never have gotten to that point as I should have stopped playing at 4 buyins. So today we move back to 100nl and start to rebuild.

Tilt: $1976.83
Stars: $600.58

Total: $2577.41

1 comment:

Starlight Coast said...

Ouch!!! You're not stepping back, you're making strategic withdrawel and reacessing the situation. you'll be playing NL200 again fairly soon I'm sure.

Keep that 4 buy-in stop loss at all costs. You made an error there and you know this, but I'll wager it's not a mistake you're likely to soon repeat. Keep grinding away and I wish you much success.