Friday, June 5, 2009

Rude Introduction

Well, after a little thinking, I decided to move up to 100nl while still being a little short on the bankroll and figured I would move down pretty quickly if I dropped more than 2 buyins. I loaded up a few tables yesterday afternoon and while waiting for my blind to post, I noticed that there was a guy on one table that raised every hand and had 4 bet once when he had been 3bet. This caught my eye very quickly and started to think about how I would play this guy. He had position on me, but was in the bb when I had the button. On the very first hand, I am delt AA! Mr. active raises from UTG+1 and it folds to me. I 3bet hoping he was going to 4bet. He flats my 3bet. Flop comes 8JKr so no flushdraws out. There is roughly $24 in the pot and I lead out for $18 and he raises to $38 or so and I shove. He thinks briefly and calls. He has T9s for a flopped OESD. The turn brings a 7 and I ship a buyin on the very first hand. I almost just shut my pc down right then and there. This obviously is about the worst thing to happen to me since I have had a history of getting crushed at 100nl in the past. I decided to work through it and ended up getting that buyin back and finished the session up about 3/4 buyin. Was very pleased with how I played. I played some more last night and ended down about 1.25 buyins and I'm realizing people are calling 3bets at this level much lighter. SC's in position seem to be the key. I had QJs call from CO to my AK (which he hit on the turn after floating the flop). It's going to take a some adjustments on my part to get used to this. I also had a guy flat w/ AQ on the button when I opened from utg and flatted both flop and turn on AdKd4c board. I barrelled my TT on the turn as I really couldn't place him on a very strong hand and wanted to get value out of the flushdraw. On the river, I checked to him and he checked behind allowing me to see his play and his cards. So this is going to take some more concentration on my opponents lines. I also received my rakeback this morning which made up for last nights losses but obviously didn't allow for growth of the bankroll.

FT: $1606.85
Stars: $170.80

Total: $1777.65

I'll continue to play 100nl and if I hit $1500 will drop back to 50nl.

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