Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Small recovery

Well, I was able to grind through quite a few hands on Monday to recover a bit from the awful weekend. I am having difficulty adjusting to the really bad fish and need to figure that out. It could just be variance, but I think I'm bleeding some money away when I shouldn't be. I wasn't able to play yesterday due to taking a wonderful Rock Fish charter and spending the day with my dad and some of his friends. Was a beautiful day on the water and we brought in 18 nice fish. Was hoping to cook up some filet's last night but didn't have time due to my son's baseball game. Hope to get in some hands today. I have about $125 in rakeback coming on Friday so that will help also. Dont have much time to get into too many details cuz I have to get ready for work. See you all soon!

FT: $1166.37
Stars: $170.80

Total: $1337.17

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