Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Now what.....

Well, yesterday was a weird day. Up a buyin, down a buyin. Lots of big pots and I literally threw away at least 3 buyins which I am not happy about at all. With that being said, I have reached another milestone. After 1280 hands and giving away $300, I finished the session up just under 4 buyins ($396.80) and have eclipsed the $4k mark for my bankroll. My goal yesterday was to pick off half of that and when I was floating around +3 buyins, with only 15 minutes to go in the day, I pretty much resigned that I wouldn't quite get there today. On my last orbit, I picked up KK in the big blind. UTG, who had been playing pretty tight, raised and I 3bet him and he called. The flop came out T72r and I made my normal cbet and he floated me. The turn came a J and now no flush possibilities exist. I decided to check to him as if I had AK and missed and was now giving up. He instantly shoves and I gladly call. He shows up with 44 and I take his full stack. I finish out that orbit and close my tables. When I look at my Holdemmanager I think I am a few dollars short of the $4k mark so I pull up stars to add it up and here is what I found:

Tilt: $3339.84
Stars: $661.98

Total: $4001.82

Now it is decision time. Do I want to start taking shots at 200nl..... I may play 3 tables of 100nl and throw in one 200nl table to try and start feeling out the pot sizes as I'm starting to feel a bit nervous over the amount of money in play. This is a good thing :)

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