Monday, June 8, 2009

Evenings and weekends......why?

Well, I continue to struggle with evening and weekend playing times and I really am not sure why. I played Saturday for a while and found myself dropping 4.5 buyins rather quickly. Now, some of this was just variance. Twice I lost flush over flush. Once where I flopped a flush with T8s after I had raised from EP and a guy behind me had called with K9s. He claims that he meant to 3bet or fold and accidentally clicked call. The other one was when I had raised 56s from MP and got 2 callers. I made a cbet on A high flop and got 2 callers. The turn gave me an OESFD. SB checked, I checked (mistake) button bet, bb shoved. I thought long and hard before calling and button folded. BB had Q9s and I was drawing to 12 outs and missed. The other two were just bad play. Throughout the rest of the weekend, I was able to get in another 1.8k hands and was able to grind back 2 buyins so I finished down ~2 buyins. Rakeback should be good this week as well as I've put in quite a few hands this week. I'm starting to feel somewhat comfortable with the pot sizes but it still makes my heart flutter when I get all in. I'm sure that will pass over time, and I hope that it happens soon :)

Stars: $170.80
Tilt: $1801.95

Total: $1972.75

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